Documents Required
• Passport (two clear copies)
• Residence Permit
• Confirmation of Employment Letter
• Detailed inventory (original and two copies) in   English
• Insurance Certificate
  Customs Regulations
• Customer must be present for customs clearance
• All shipments subject to inspection
• All used household goods and personal effects are duty-free, subject to customer Obtaining a Residence Permit
• All new household goods dutiable, determined by customs official

Dutiable/Restricted Items
• All political and religious literature needs prior approval from the Ministry
• New items
• Plants and plant material require a Health Certificate
• Medication and foodstuff (subject to special approval and inspection by Ministry of Health), must be packed separately
• Flammable or corrosive items
• Exposed film or other valuables, stamp or coin collections of high value
  Prohibited Items
• Firearms, weapons and ammunition (even decorative items of this nature and toy guns
• Are subject to confiscation)
• Alcoholic beverages (including fine wines)
• Narcotics and drugs (including seemingly innocent dried poppy flower arrangements) can lead to very severe legal action and even long prison terms. (Allowed in reasonable quantities, but subject to analysis)
• Articles dealing with endangered animals and any items made out of ivory
• Wireless transmitters and communications equipment
• All items manufactured by Israeli blacklist and Israeli origin
• False and counterfeit money
• Erotic statues/figurines, idols, made of any metal/clay/glass, etc., defined offensive to Islamic teachings and principles

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